05 Sep 21BurmarshPhoto of the ancient bell (thanks to Bishop Brian Jones)
05 Sep 21Sittingbourne (St Mary)New page and photos (thanks to Chris Trafford)
05 Sep 21New RomneyPhoto of the belfry (Ollie Watson)
05 Sep 21WarehornePhotos of the belfry (Ollie Watson)
20 Jun 21Sutton-by-DoverPhoto of the ancient bell (thanks to Bishop Brian Jones)
03 Apr 21FarnboroughAugmented to 8.
14 Mar 21FavershamPhotographs of the final installation (thanks to Adam Moore)
14 Mar 21Tunbridge Wells (Holy Trinity)New page
14 Mar 21Broadwater DownBell now rigged up for automatic chiming
02 Jan 21SwalecliffeNew photos
02 Jan 21Milton by CanterburyNew page
31 Dec 20Reading St (Old School House)New page
31 Dec 20Canterbury (St Gregory)New old photo
31 Dec 20Canterbury (St Alphege)New photos
31 Dec 20Dover (Old Town Hall)New page
31 Dec 20Reading St (St Andrew)New page
30 Dec 20SpeldhurstInfo on extra bell
30 Dec 20GoudhurstInfo on spire, fire and single bell
30 Dec 20HalsteadInfo on church building
20 Dec 20FavershamPhotographs of the bells being rehung (thanks to Adam Moore and Stuart Palin)
18 Dec 20Bromley CommonUpdated diameters
18 Dec 20FavershamNew ring of 10
18 Dec 20Canterbury (St Margaret)Updated weight of old middle bell
10 Nov 20SwalecliffePhoto of restored bell (Brian Butcher)
10 Nov 20Canterbury (St John's Hospital)Photo of restored bell (Brian Butcher)
09 Nov 20Rosherville GardensNew page
06 Nov 20SheldwichNew info on an earlier ring of 4
06 Nov 20Updates from Zechariah Cozens, 1793Boughton-u-Blean, Canterbury (St Margaret, St Martin), Godmersham, Elmstone, Ickham, Selling, St Nicholas at Wade, St Peter in Thanet, Thanington,
05 Nov 20CrayfordNew picture
11 Oct 20Canterbury (St Mary de Castro)New page
10 Oct 20Canterbury (Kent College)New page
10 Oct 20Canterbury (Old St Stephen's School)New page
10 Oct 20Burham (Old and New churches)New pictures
10 Oct 20Whitstable CastleNew page
10 Oct 20Faversham (St Saviour)New page
04 Oct 20Canterbury (St Edmund's School)New page
25 Sep 20Canterbury (Holy Cross)New picture
25 Sep 20Canterbury (All Saints' Old Church)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Alphege)New picture
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Gregory)New picture
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Margaret)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Mary Breadman)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Mary Magd)New picture
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Mary Northgate)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St John's Hospital)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Mildred)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (Maynard & Cotton's Hospital)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (St Augustine's College)New pictures
25 Sep 20Canterbury (Poor Priests Hospital)New picture
25 Sep 20Canterbury (Eastbridge Hospital)New picture
05 Sep 20Canterbury (Poor Priests Hospital)New page
05 Sep 20Canterbury (Barton Court)New page
02 Sep 20Little ChartPhotos of the belfry (thanks to Andrew Johnson)
02 Sep 20Canterbury (Maynard & Cotton's Hospital)New page
02 Sep 20Canterbury (Nunnery Fields Hospital)New page
30 Aug 20All bells (where known) are now marked as being in one of 4 states: hung for ringing, swinging, dead or unhung.
26 Aug 20FavershamPhotos of the dismantling of the ring of 8 (thanks to Adam Moore and Simon Adams)
26 Aug 20Canterbury (Eastbridge Hospital)New page
26 Aug 20Canterbury (St John's Hospital)New page
26 Aug 20Canterbury (Jesus Hospital)New page
23 Aug 20Canterbury (St Columba)New page
23 Aug 20Canterbury (Bertha the Queen)New page
23 Aug 20Canterbury (Christ Church University)New page
22 Aug 20LewishamComprehensive update
18 Aug 20FavershamBells weighed as received at Taylors. Tenor is 16-2-4.
09 Aug 20GreenwichFrame details
02 Aug 20Margate (St John)Weights of bells before 1900
02 Jul 20Sutton-by-DoverNew page
30 Jun 20Canterbury (St Mary Magd)New info of clapper accident in 1824
30 Jun 20Milton Regis1882 reference
30 Jun 20WhitfieldNew page
28 Jun 20Margate (St John)Inscriptions
28 Jun 20Margate (Ss Austin & Gregory)New page
28 Jun 20FrittendenInscriptions and interesting info from Taylors archives on how they were given the job and got it taken away
28 Jun 20IwadeKCACR report from 1978
28 Jun 20HarrietshamNew article
28 Jun 20KingsnorthNew article
28 Jun 20LymingeKCACR report from 1974
28 Jun 20Leeds CastleReport from 1968
28 Jun 20HernhillNew article from 1997
28 Jun 20BarhamUpdate
28 Jun 20TonbridgeStory of an 1837 disagreement between ringers and Vicar
28 Jun 20SeasalterPicture
28 Jun 20Sittingbourne (Sacred Heart)Picture
28 Jun 20Herne Bay (St John)Money was promised for a ring of bells
28 Jun 20Chislehurst (St Nicholas)A ringer started the fire in 1857!
27 Jun 20Broadstairs (HT)Update
27 Jun 20Ashford Railway WorksUpdate & new picture (thanks to Mark Chittenden-Pile)
27 Jun 20WestbrookUpdate & new picture
25 Jun 20ColdredNew page
18 Jun 20Acrise PlaceNew page
17 Jun 20Dover (St Mary & St Martin)New page
17 Jun 20Allington (St Nicholas)New page
17 Jun 20Allington (St Laurence)New page
16 Jun 20Buckland Valley (Our Lady)New page
14 Jun 20Buckland Valley (St Nicholas)New page
14 Jun 20HamNew page
14 Jun 20Dover (St Mary's Mission Hall)New page
14 Jun 20Margate (St Augustine)New page
13 Jun 20Folkestone (St John the Baptist)New page
13 Jun 20Folkestone (St Saviour)New page
11 Jun 20Folkestone (St Augustine)New page
11 Jun 20Folkestone (Cheriton Rd Cemetery)New page
07 Jun 20AldingtonTuning figures (thanks to Nigel Taylor)
07 Jun 20Whitstable (St Andrew)New page
07 Jun 20Whitstable CemeteryNew page
31 May 20Folkestone (St Peter)New page
30 May 20SeasalterNew page
30 May 20Sittingbourne (RC)Updates to tuning info from Nigel Taylor
30 May 20Folkestone (Christchurch)New photo
30 May 20Whitstable (All Saints)New info
27 May 20SwalecliffeNew page
27 May 20Sandwich (St Peter)New info
24 May 20Broadwater DownQuotes were given for a new ring of 8, and more significantly, a carillon of 37 bells with a bass of 30 cwt!
11 May 20List of new ringsA new listing
11 May 20BarhamNew info
11 May 20SandgateNew page
10 May 20Tenterden (St Michael)New info
10 May 20Complete ringsA new listing
09 May 20Boughton-under-BleanPeal boards (thanks to Andrew Hills)
09 May 20ThrowleyPeal boards (thanks to Andrew Hills)
09 May 20SellingPeal boards (thanks to Andrew Hills)
05 May 20Rochester CathedralFascinating correspondence about the recasting of 1921 from W W Starmer (best thanks to Scott Orr).
03 May 20Tunbridge Wells (St Luke)Fascinating new info on the acquisition of the chime of 8. With thanks to Dr Scott Orr for access to his W W Starmer archive!
25 Apr 20Strood (St Nicholas)New info on the tubes and the earlier ring of 6 new cast by Thomas Swain.
25 Apr 20LangleyNew page
25 Apr 20Whitstable (St Alphege)New information
25 Apr 20SandgateNew page
25 Apr 20LutonNew page
25 Apr 20Chatham (All Saints)New page
25 Apr 20Lewisham (St Saviour & Ss Johns)New page
24 Apr 20Sandwich (St Clement)New information
21 Apr 20Lee (Good Shepherd)New page
18 Apr 20Folkestone (St Michael & AA)New page
18 Apr 20Ramsgate (St George)New information
16 Apr 20Tunbridge Wells (St Peter)Lots of new information
15 Apr 20BroomfieldInscriptions of 2 and 3 (thanks to David Cawley)
15 Apr 20LympneInscriptions of trebles (thanks to David Cawley)
15 Apr 20HildenboroughNew page
13 Apr 20Plumstead (St Mark & St Margaret)New page, and photo thanks to Andrew Wood.
13 Apr 20Plumstead (St Margaret)New page
13 Apr 20Plumstead (St Mark)New page
12 Apr 20Plumstead (St Alban, now St Michael)New page, and photo thanks to Andrew Wood.
05 Apr 20ShortlandsDiscovery of what happened to the old 3 after the War.
04 Apr 20ShipbourneDiscovery of rehanging work in 1904.
01 Apr 20OtterdenRevised page and photos of the bell (thanks to Graham Heath).
30 Mar 20Mottingham (Our Lady Help of Christians RC)Fascinating story of a church built on the proceeds of horse race winnings on land given with proviso that the church had no bell or bells. The appeal even went to Parliament before it was overturned.
29 Mar 20Margate (Jubilee Tower)New info on the chronology.
28 Mar 20MonktonUpdates following augmentation.
28 Mar 20Maidstone (St Philip)When the spire was put on in 1878 and the clock bell was put in, newspapers say this was the tenor of a future ring of 8. Not convinced!
27 Mar 20Tunbridge Wells Railway StationThanks to Adam Brady, we now know more about the clock bell that hangs in the turret of this listed building.
22 Mar 20Great ChartPeal boards (thanks to Chris Cooper)
22 Mar 20Rochester CathedralPeal Boards
22 Mar 20BickleyPeal Boards
22 Mar 20ChelsfieldPeal Boards and old belfry photo
22 Mar 20TunstallPeal Boards
22 Mar 20Canterbury CathedralPeal Boards
10 Mar 20WrothamPeal boards and new tower photograph
07 Mar 20WateringburyConfirmed that the work in 1831 was an augmentation and various newspaper references from the time given.
04 Feb 20Maidstone (St Michael)Article on the person in whose memory the clock bell was given when it was at Penge (thanks to author Mark Elvers).
02 Feb 20FrindsburyPeal boards (thanks to J Martin Rushton)
10 Jan 20FrindsburyTower picture (thanks to J Martin Rushton)
11 Dec 19MapUpdated map
01 Sep 19Quex ParkPeal boards and new photographs
27 Aug 19Milton RegisAugmented to 8, although full details of the new bells yet to be published.
15 Apr 19Ash-by-WrothamPeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith and Alex Britton)
15 Apr 19AylesfordPeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19BearstedPeal boards (photos by the Editor)
15 Apr 19BenendenPeal boards (photos by the Editor)
15 Apr 19Canterbury (St Dunstan)Peal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19Canterbury (St Stephen)Peal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19Chislehurst (Annunciation)Peal boards (photos by the Editor)
15 Apr 19CrayfordPeal boards (photos by the Editor)
15 Apr 19EynsfordPeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19HeadcornPeal boards (photos by the Editor)
15 Apr 19RodmershamPeal boards (photos by the Editor)
15 Apr 19SevenoaksPeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19ShipbournePeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19TonbridgePeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19YaldingPeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
15 Apr 19SturryPeal boards (thanks to Richard Smith)
28 Nov 18DartfordPeal boards (thanks to Alex Britton)
26 Sep 18Cantebury (All Saints)Photo (David Cawley) and new material.
26 Sep 18Maidstone (St Michael)Further details of the old bells (thanks to Mark Elvers)
19 Aug 18Walmer (Sacred Heart, RC)New page.
19 Aug 18AcolTower picture (thanks to David Cawley)
19 Aug 18St Laurence in ThanetPicture of the bells from 1911 (thanks to David Cawley)
19 Aug 18Canterbury (St Mary Bredin Old Church)Picture of the former tenor (thanks to David Cawley)
19 Aug 18Canterbury (St Augustine's College)New page.
05 Aug 18Folkestone (Christchurch)New page.
29 Jul 18BiddendenNew peal board (thanks to Chris Cooper)
29 Jul 18Cliffe-at-HooPeal boards (thanks to Jeremy Clitheroe)
29 Jul 18Milton-next-GravesendPeal boards (thanks to Jeremy Clitheroe)
29 Jul 18ChilhamDetails of the new tenor (although am still missing the inscription if anyone has it)
29 Jul 18OthamPhotos (thanks to Rev'd Richard Love) and updates following the restoration of the back 3
02 May 18BobbingNews on the opening of the bells in 1804
02 May 18Canterbury CathedralNews on an interesting performance on the 8 bells by one man in 1791
02 May 18Canterbury (St Dunstan)News on the opening of the bells in 1778.
02 May 18Canterbury (St George)Record of payment to a man to ring the tenor each morning at 4am for 15 minutes.
02 May 18ElhamNews on the opening of the bells in 1809.

Love's Guide to the Church Bells of Kent