Tubular Bells in the County

Tubular bells were made by Harrington, Latham & Co. (later Harrington, Holland & Co.) during the late 19th Century to mid 20th Century. Sets were provided to the following churches in Kent.
Order Year Tower No of bells Comments
1 1887HILDENBOROUGH, St John the Evangelist8 bells

2 1887-1908LEE, Good Shepherd5 bellsDestroyed in 1941 along with the church.

3 1888RAMSGATE, St George the Martyr10 then 11 bellsFlat 6th added in 1917, bringing the total to 11.

4 1888SANDWICH, St Clement8 bellsRemoved in 1990 to make way for the ring of 6.

5 1888-91FOLKESTONE, St Michael & All Angels8 bellsDemolished in 1953. Fate of bells unknown.

6 1899STROOD, St Nicholas10 bells

7 1903PLUMSTEAD, St Margaret8 bellsMoved to St Mark's church in 1966 and to St Mark & St Margaret, Plumstead church by Whitechapel in 1976 where they were rehung.

9 1911LANGLEY, St Mary6 then 8 bells2 trebles added in 1925, bringing the total to 8.

10 1920WHITSTABLE, St Alphege8 bellsScrapped in 1969.

11 1921SANDGATE, St Paul5 bells

12 1925LUTON, Christ Church8 bellsAssumed disposed of when old church was demolished in 1982.

13 1929-39LEWISHAM, St Saviour and Ss John the Baptist and Evangelist (RC)8 bellsReported present in 1950, but not known when they were installed or removed.

14 1938CHATHAM, All Saints (St Paul with All Saints)5 bells

15 1966PLUMSTEAD, St Mark8 bellsCast 1902. Transferred from the old church of St Margaret's, Plumstead. Not known whether they were rehung or simply stored here.

16 1976PLUMSTEAD, St Mark and St Margaret8 bellsCast 1902. Transferred from the old church of St Mark.

An advertisement for Harrington's Tubular bells published in 1890.

Love's Guide to the Church Bells of Kent