Canterbury, Old St Stephen's School

Photo: Martin Poole. Historic England Archive

  • Single bell hung for swing chiming with lever in open gable
  • Tenor: ¼ cwt approx.
  • Grid Ref: TR148593
  • Formerly a school, now a private residence
  • Building Listed Grade: II Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Canons Retuned
҂ Single bell ¾ cwt approx.14" 1848 ? Charles & George Mears, Whitechapel Never

҂  - Hung for swing chiming



1848 St Stephen's school was built in red brick in the style of Manwood's Hospital opposite. A bell was hung in an open gable over the main door, hung for swing chiming with an iron headstock and lever. The inscription appears to be a date, but not easily made out. The bell appears to be a Whitechapel bell, which if dates from the building of the school, makes it a Charles & George Mears bell. This is all very uncertain though.

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