Canterbury, Kent College Chapel

Photo: Charlier Construction, 2019

  • Single bell hung for swing chiming with lever
  • Tenor: 1-0-8
  • Grid Ref: TR131593

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)*
Diameter Note Date FounderRetuned
҂ Single bell 1-0-817" 1890 John Taylor & Co., LoughboroughNever

* Source of weight figures: JT records
҂  - Hung for swing chiming



1887 Kent College was built. Charles Bell was the architect. There was a tall wooden tower and spire over the main hall, but no apparently no bell at this stage.
1890 A bell was ordered from John Taylor & Co. by James Evans & Co, Britannia Works, Manchester, to be sent to Canterbury. [1] [2] [3]
1899 The Chapel was built as the Schoolroom, again with Charles Bell as the architect. The 1890 bell was hung for swing chiming with a lever in the octagonal belfry.
1934 The Schoolroom was adapted as the Chapel.
1938 A disastrous fire brought down the spire over the central hall, together with any bell which it may have had. The tower was not to be rebuilt.
2019 While the Chapel tower was restored, the bell was overhauled by Brian Butcher from the Kent CACR.
[1] 1890 July 2nd. Bell ordered by Messrs Jas. Evans & Co. Britannia Works, Cross Street, Blackfriars, Manchester to be sent to their order to Canterbury Stations S.E.R. carriage paid. Dia 17", th. 1.375, tone ¼ sh xiii°, 89 iron crook, wt 1-0-8. Clapper 5½ lbs, Wood left 5½ inches. Forwarded 3 July 1890. (John Taylor Job Book, 6-1-5-65 pg 197)
[2] July 3/90 Messrs James Evans & Co, Britannia Works, Cross Street, Blackfriars, Manchester. To one new bell 1-0-8 at £5.5 per cwt. £5.12.6 Clapper only for ditto. 5s 0d. [Total] £5.17.6. Car. Paid to Canterbury. 2½% (John Taylor Daybook 4-7-1-6 pg 119)
[3] 1890 July 3rd. To the order of Jas Evans & Co, Manchr To. Canterbury Station SER one 17" bell 1-0-8 one clapper for ditto 0-0-8. (John Taylor Metals Book 6-6-1-1 pg 90)


A closer view of the turret, immediately after its 2019 restoration.
Photo: Charlier Construction, 2019

The bell in 2019.
Photo: Brian Butcher, 2019

A view of the college in 1904 showing the spire that fell in the fire of 1938.
Photo: David Cawley collection

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