Bickley, Bickley Hall Stables

  • Tenor: 1-0-2 in G.
  • Grid Ref:

Prior to c.1962

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Single bell1-0-217.5"G1892Gillett & JohnstonNeverFate unknown.


1780 Bickley Hall built by John Wells, a shipbuilder.
1892 A bell was supplied by Gillett & Johnston to "Bickley Hall Stables". The bell was originally cast for Allen Bros & Co, London where it was dispatched 1st Aug 1890.
1908 Part of the estate was released to a pre-established preparatory school.
1962 The school closed and was amalgamated with Hazelwood School. The mansion was demolished at about this time and the whole area was redeveloped. The fate of the bell is unknown.


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