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The ring of 6 hung after the Great Fire

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble1674James BartlettRecast 1726
21674James BartlettRecast 1726
31674James BartlettRecast 1726
41674James BartlettRecast 1726
51674James BartlettRecast 1726
Tenor1674James BartlettRecast 1726

The original ring of 10 bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble5 cwt approx.25¾"1726Richard PhelpsRecast 1732
25½ cwt approx.27"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
35¾ cwt approx.28¾"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
46 cwt approx.1726Richard PhelpsRecast 1750
57 cwt approx.32¾"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
68 cwt approx.34½"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
79½ cwt approx.39"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
811 cwt approx.1726Richard PhelpsRecast 1750
914 cwt approx.43¼"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
Tenor19½ cwt approx.48¼"1726Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879

Later recasting whilst still at St Dionis

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble5 cwt approx.25¾"1732Richard PhelpsTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
46 cwt approx.31"1750Thomas LesterTransferred to All Hallows, 1879
811 cwt approx.39¾"1750Thomas LesterTransferred to All Hallows, 1879


1552 Record of 5 bells and a sanctus bell, noting that 2 sanctus bells had been sold in the past. [1]
1632 A new turret was built for the church and new bell frames were made. [3]
1666 Church destroyed in the Great Fire.
1674 The body of the church was rebuilt. £50 5s. 10d was paid to James Bartlett for a ring of 6, hung by Mr Allen (who was paid £10). Robert Williams, a mercer, contributed £25 to one of the bells. [2]
1684 Tower completed (although it seems that old tower was still standing while this was being built). The bells are likely to have been transferred from one tower to the other at this time.
1726 On 28 Aug the bells were found to be out of order, so the vestry decided to exchange the existing bells for a new set. 8 bells were originally decided on with a new frame, but in the end there appears to have been money for a ring of 10 bells and this was agreed by endorsement to the contract. Articles were dated 5 Sept.1726 with endorsement of receipt by Phelps on 3 Nov 1726 for £359.11.6. for eight new bells and frames and also for two other bells and frames and new floor etc. [4]
1727 The new ring of 10 bells was purchased for £479.8s from Richard Phelps. They were hung in a new anticlockwise oak frame. A chiming machine was installed to play on all 10 bells at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock every day. The clock struck quarters on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th bells with the hour on the tenor, repeated on the saints bell. [5]
1732 Treble recast as it was broken.
1750 4th and 8th were recast as they were cracked.
1876 On 28 April it was agreed to sell the church under the City Union of Benefices Act and unite the parish and benefice with the neighbouring parish of All Hallows, Grasschurch, Lombard Street. This was one of the first churches to be targetted by the act. The bells were given to All Hallows, Lombard Street. The money raised went to restoring All Hallows and build a new church of St Dionis, Parsons Green, Fulham.
1879 The church was finally demolished and the bells were transferred to All Hallows, Lombard Street where the story continued.
[1] "1 owlde bell clapper. Item V belles in ye stepvel and j saunce bells and 1 payre of great orgens. Item, sowlde ij sanctus bells, iiijs. Item pd. for j great bell rope of 47 li to take ye beame downe." (Edwardian Inventory)
[3] The middle Ile of this Church was new laid in the Year of our Lord 1629. The Steeple was repaired, a new Turret built, new Frames were made for the Bells, and this Church was decently beautified in the Year of our Lord 1632. (A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, John Strype, 1720)
[2] Robert Williams Mercer 25l. towards a Bell. (A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, John Strype, 1720)
[4] At this Vestry the Churchwardens acquainted the severall Gentlemen that were present That the Great Bell was crack't and that upon a survey which had been lately taken of the Bells it appeared that New Frames were wanting to all the Bells in the Steeple and therefore he submitted it to the Judgment of the Gentlemen of the Vestry whether they would not think it proper that the Great Bell should be new cast and that all the bells should be new Framed, the charge of doing which would amount to £110 and upwards. / Whereupon some Gentlemen that were present informed the Vestry that they had Proposalls laid before them and had taken an Estimate of the Difference of Exchanging the Present sett of Six Bells with the Old Frames & appurtenances into Eight new Tuneable and Musical Bells with Compleat New Frames and all appurtenances whatsoever and that the whole would not exceed the summe of £250. And upon full consideration had of that matter / The Question was putt by the Church Warden whether the Present sett of Six bells with the old Frames and appurtenances should be exchanged and Eight New Bells with compleat new Frames and all appurtenances be put up in their Room, and upon putting the same to the Vote it passed in the Affirmative Nemine Contradicente … (Guildhall Library Ms.11,277 "Subscription list for new bells, 23 [or 28?] August 1726" preamble)
[5] Certificate dated 17 Oct.1727 signed by fifteen persons that Whaving rung the ten new bells ... they were of opinion ... that the said ten bells are musical and tunable, and the said bells and the whole frames and all other work belonging or relating thereto are cast, set up and completed in a workmanlike manner." (Certificate dated 17 Oct.1727)


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  • Images of the old church


    Trollope sketch, 1939

    An earlier sketch.


    Church in 1838.
    Recent Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2020-03-205152 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
    2020-03-205040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2020-03-185040 Doubles (14m/p)
    2020-03-175040 Spliced Surprise Minor (17m)
    2020-03-165040 (7m) Surprise Minor
    2020-03-165760 Spliced Thirds Place Delight Minor (42m)
    2020-03-165088 Fylde Coast Surprise Major
    2020-03-165040 Minor (7m)
    2020-03-165200 Spliced Surprise Royal (4m)
    2020-03-165064 Stedman Caters
    2020-03-155088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
    2020-03-155042 Bristol Surprise Maximus
    2020-03-155184 Lindum Surprise Major
    2020-03-155040 Xtraction Alliance Major
    2020-03-155040 7 Suprise Minor
    2020-03-155024 Yorkshire Surprise Major
    2020-03-155184 Spliced Surprise Major (7m)
    2020-03-145056 Bristol Surprise Major
    2020-03-145040 Grandsire Triples
    2020-03-145050 Stedman Caters
    2020-03-145040 Minor (7m)
    2020-03-145088 London Surprise Major
    2020-03-145056 Cambridge Surprise Major
    2020-03-145024 Platinum Surprise Major
    2020-03-145090 Zanussi Surprise Maximus
    Recent Quarter Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2020-04-021272 Plain Bob Minimus
    2020-03-271250 Cambridge Surprise Major
    2020-03-261272 Plain Bob Minimus
    2020-03-231260 Plain Bob Minor
    2020-03-221260 Stedman Doubles
    2020-03-221341 Grandsire Cinques
    2020-03-211280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
    2020-03-211284 Cambridge Surprise Major
    2020-03-211346 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
    2020-03-211440 Spliced Surprise Minor (2m)
    2020-03-211320 Norfolk Surprise Minor
    2020-03-201260 Stedman Doubles
    2020-03-201260 Doubles (5m/5v)
    2020-03-201320 Union Bob Singles
    2020-03-201272 Plain Bob Minimus
    2020-03-191260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2020-03-181320 Kent Treble Bob Minor
    2020-03-181260 St Clement's College Bob Minor
    2020-03-181260 Doubles and Minor (1p/4m)
    2020-03-181320 Plain Bob Cinques
    2020-03-181260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2020-03-171320 Kent Treble Bob Minor
    2020-03-171320 Bourne Surprise Minor
    2020-03-171260 Spliced Minor (3m)
    2020-03-171440 Sandiacre Surprise Minor
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