Eythorne, Ss Peter & Paul

Photo: Richard Offen, 2005

  • 5 bells hung for full circle ringing
  • Tenor: 8 cwt approx. in A.
  • Grid Ref: TR279497
  • Rung from: Rung from Porch
  • Frame: 1896 John Warner & Sons, made of timber.
  • Denomination: Church of England
    Diocese (Anglican): Canterbury
    Archdeaconry (Anglican): Ashford
  • Kent County Association of Change Ringers District: Canterbury
  • Building Listed Grade: II* Click for Heritage details.
  • Peals rung at the tower

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Canons Retuned
® Treble 4-0-2327" E 1924 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
® 2 4¾ cwt approx29⅛" D 1896 John Warner & Sons Never
® 3 5¼ cwt approx30⁷⁄₁₆" C♯ 1622 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent Never
® 4 6¾ cwt approx33⁵⁄₁₆" B William Chamberlain Removed Never
® Tenor 8 cwt approx.36¼" A William Chamberlain Removed Never

®  - Hung for full circle ringing


c 1440 2 bells cast by William Chamberlain.
1622 Treble (of 3) cast by Joseph Hatch.
c 1758 Record of 3 bells in the tower. [1]
1795 Record of 3 bells in the tower. [2]
1896 Treble added by John Warner to make 4. The bells were rehung in a new timber frame.
1924 Treble added by Mears & Stainbank to make 5. Bells rehung by Thomas Groombridge.
1983 Bells rehung by Arthur Fidler n memory of Revd Anthony E.S.Karney, Rector 1955-76.
2003 A new floor was installed under the bells.
[1] "This Church consists of The Great, and North, Chancells, The Body, and North Isle. The Tower is over the Porch, or Enhance, on the North Side. In it hang 3 Bells thus Inscribed. 1. Joseph Hatch Made Me 1622. 2. Sancta Katarina, Ora pro Nobis. 3. Nomen Magdalene, Campana geret Melodie. The 2 last have this Impression of a Coin on them, nearly of this size. I cd. not Make out The Legend." (Rev’d Bryan Faussett, Late 1750s)
[2] It is a decent structure, consisting of two ailes, and a chancel, with a square tower, at the North side of the West end of the North aile, containing three Bells; which being over the entrance to the church, they stand to ring them in the porch. (Zechariah Cozens, 1795)

Recent Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
2005-05-145040 Doubles (21m)
Recent Quarter Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
2019-02-221260 Doubles (4m)
2018-12-171260 Doubles (1p/2m)
2011-08-061260 Doubles (11m/V)
2005-11-251260 Doubles (11 m/v/p)
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