Plumstead, St Alban (St Michael)

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  • No bells, formerly single bell 3½ cwt approx.
  • Formerly single bell 3½ cwt approx. bought from St Margaret, Plumstead
  • Grid Ref: TQ444776
  • Church sold 1955 and reopened 1980 by the Cherabim & Seraphim church

Former bell

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Single Bell3½ cwt approx25¼"c.1859Mears & Co.NeverProbably sold 1955


1859 St Margaret's, Plumstead church was opened and provided with a single bell.
1903 The new Mission Church was built and consecrated in the name of St Alban on Holy Saturday, 11 April 1903. A bell was sold to the church from St Margaret's, Plumstead, which the very same day had its new set of 8 tubular bells dedicated. [1]
1955 The church was sold and became a warehouse. It is assumed that the bell was sold at the same time.
1980 The building returned to being a church, dedicated to St Michael for the Cherabim and Seraphim church.
[1] DEDICATION OF BELLS AND MISSION CHUDCH AT PLUMSTEAD, The Easter of 1903 will be memorable in the annals of St. Margaret’s parish church, Plumstead, inasmuch as two important events took place on Saturday last - Easter eve - the dedication of the new peal of bells in the tower of St. Margaret's Church, and of the new Mission Church in Admaston road, to be designated in future the Mission Church of St. Alban’s, Plumstead. ... THE NEW MISSION CHURCH. At the conclusion of this ceremony, the Bishop, clergy and choir walked m procession across the common to the new mission church, which has been ereceted on a site in Admaston road, in the centre of an entirely new and recently erected part of Plumstead. The whole of the congregation also adjourned to the church, whicn was quickly lined, ... It is in the Gothic style and the upper floor, to be used as the church, seats 200 people. Underneath are schoolrooms capable of accommodating 200 more. The building lighted with electric light, specially ventilated, and is admirably suited for the purpose for which it has been erected. Mr. Harper has ingeniously used an old screen from the back of St. Margaret’s to construct the vestry. ... The total cost of the church has been £2.800. the building itself absorbing £2,500, and £1,OOO has still to be raised. Grants have been received from the Rochester Diocesan Society. Woolwich Ruri-decanal Church Extension Association, and the Incorporated Church Building Society. (Woolwich Gazette - Fri 17 Apr 1903)

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