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Dartford, Holy Trinity


Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
Tenor 18-2-148" E♭ 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
7 13-1-2543⅛" F 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
6 9-2-1639¼" G 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
5 8-2-1037⅛" A♭ 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
4 8-0-2535¼" B♭ 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
3 6-1-1732⅜" C 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
2 6-0-530¼" D 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never
Treble 5-1-629⅛" E♭ 1917 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never


Original Wightman Ring of Eight

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble5-1-2529½"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1882
2nd5-3-1630½"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1917
3rd6-3-732¼"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1917
4th1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1773
5th8-3-837"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1917
6th10-1-838¾"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1917
7th12-3-2342⅞"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1917
Tenor18-1-1246¼"1702Philip WightmanNeverRecast in 1917

Later recasts

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble (of 8)5-2-2129½"1882Mears & StainbankNeverRecast in 1917
4th (of 8)7-3-834¹⁵⁄₁₆"1773Pack & ChapmanNeverRecast in 1917


1470 Church Tower raised to its present height and church restored at this time.
1552 Record of 4 bells. [1]
1696 Records: "paid the ringers when the King (William III) came through the town 10s.Paid for six Pounds of candles, which were set upon the church wall and bridge, to light the river."
1702 Ring of 8 cast by Philip Wightman from the former ring of 6.
1723 Repairs were effected to the bells.
1773 4th recast by Pack & Chapman.
1807 The church bells ordered to be put in proper order at a cost of £55 10s. Mr. Mears, bellfounder.
1882 Treble recast by Mears & Stainbank.
1910 Bells fall silent through disrepair.
1917 All eight bells recast by Mears & Stainbank.
1933 7th rehung on ball bearings. At about this time, consideration was given to augmenting the bells to 10.
1975 3rd and 4th rehung by the local band. A pulley block for the 4th was acquired from the bell from St Paul's, Penge. In the course of the decade, all the bells were rehung on ball bearings (except 7th which had them) in pairs as finances allowed.
1978 The gudgeons on the tenor sheared while the bell was being rung, caused by new gudgeons being fitted earlier by a local 'industrialist' (in order to save funds).
1984 Tenor gudgeons were repaired.
1986 Bells inspected by Richard Offen who noted that Dartford might have the oldest Mears *metal* headstocks in Kent (dated 1917). The 2nd clapper broke and was replaced by Whitechapel, and gudgeons on the 5th sheared requiring those to be replaced.
1992 Clappers refurbished, gudgeons of the tenor repaired and new bearings fitted by John Taylor. (Site work carried out by K.C.A.)
1998 -9 The gudgeons on the 6th sheared (ringing for Midnight Mass) , displacing the neighbouring 5th bell slightly. The bell had to be retrieved by the KCACR. The headstock was replaced, 5 & 6 rehung and the frame around these bells reinforced with metal plates.
[1] Item iiij bells suted in the steple, on small bell called the Dollyng bell. Item on hand bell of brasse tor buryalls. (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)

Recent Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
2016-02-065040 Stedman Triples
2013-11-025056 Bristol Surprise Major
2008-09-275120 Bristol Surprise Major
2007-03-175088 Vancouver Surprise Major
2004-11-065024 Spliced Surprise Major
1807-12-265248 Oxford Treble Bob Major
1777-11-225040 Plain Bob Major
Recent Quarter Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
2017-11-201260 St Peter Bob Triples
2017-10-201260 Spliced Triples
2017-07-161260 Grandsire Triples
2015-10-031280 Plain Bob Doubles
2015-05-241260 Plain Bob Doubles
2013-05-231260 Doubles (2m)
2012-06-101260 Doubles (2m)
2012-01-221300 Plain Bob Doubles
2011-12-121260 Doubles (3m)
2011-06-191260 Doubles (2m)
2011-03-201260 Doubles (2m)
2010-12-281260 Grandsire Triples
2010-02-211260 Doubles (2m)
2010-02-141260 Plain Bob Doubles
2009-09-131260 Plain Bob Doubles
2009-03-271260 Plain Bob Doubles
2007-06-251312 Cassiobury Surprise Major
2006-08-311260 Stedman Triples
2006-02-191312 Yorkshire Surprise Major
2006-02-131280 Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
2004-11-281260 Plain Bob Doubles
2004-06-261260 Plain Bob Doubles
2004-02-141280 Doubles (2 methods)
2003-06-141260 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles
2002-07-201280 Dartford Surprise Major
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