Cobham, St Mary Magdalene

Photo: Richard Offen 2007

  • 6 bells hung for full circle ringing
  • Tenor: 13-3-13 in F.
  • Grid Ref: TQ669683
  • Rung from: Upstairs Ringing Room
  • Frame: 1994 Whitechapel Bell Foundry
  • Denomination: Church of England
    Diocese (Anglican): Rochester
  • Kent County Association of Change Ringers District: Rochester
  • Building Listed Grade: I Click for Heritage details.
  • Peals rung at the tower

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)

(As supplied)
Diameter Note Date FounderSerial NoRetuned
® Treble 4-0-264-1-728" D 1907 Gillett & Johnston, Croydon21331994 Whitechapel Bell Foundry
® 2 5-1-1331½" C 1632 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent1994 Whitechapel Bell Foundry
® 3 7-1-1¼34⅜" B♭ 1994 Whitechapel Bell FoundryNever
® 4 8-3-937" A 1623 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent1994 Whitechapel Bell Foundry
® 5 10-2-1940½" G 1632 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent1994 Whitechapel Bell Foundry
® Tenor 13-3-1344" F 1632 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent1994 Whitechapel Bell Foundry

®  - Hung for full circle ringing

Prior to 1994

Bell DiameterNoteDateFounderRetunedFate
3rd (of 6)33"B♭1623Joseph HatchNeverRecast 1994


1623 Bells cast (or recast) by Joseph Hatch (certainly the present 4th).
1632 3 or more bells cast or recast by Joseph Hatch to complete the ring of 5.
1689 The 5 bells were rehung.
1692 May The bells were rung to mark victory over the French fleet.
1790 2nd (of 5) recast by Thomas Mears I.
1886 A report was produced on the state of the bells together with the cost of their repair and that of the belfry.
1907 Bells augmented to 6 with a treble from Gillett & Johnston (tuned in August).
1976 Dry summer made the bells unringable. K.C.A. worked on them to make them ringable again.
1994 3rd recast. Bells rehung in a new frame.


  • "Cobham, Kent", Litten, Julian W S (The Ringing World) 3 March 2006
  • Recent Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2017-12-115040 Doubles (1p, 5m)
    Recent Quarter Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2020-02-231260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2020-01-191260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-12-291260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2019-11-241300 Plain Bob Doubles
    2019-10-201260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-09-221260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-08-181260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-07-211260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2019-06-231260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-06-021260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-03-171260 Grandsire Doubles
    2019-02-101260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2019-01-271300 Doubles
    2018-12-301260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2018-11-251260 Grandsire Doubles
    2018-11-111300 Plain Bob Doubles
    2018-09-231260 Grandsire Doubles
    2018-09-071272 London Surprise Minor
    2018-09-031260 Doubles (1p/4m)
    2018-08-241296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
    2018-08-011260 Doubles (2m)
    2018-07-221260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2018-06-241260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2018-05-271260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2018-03-251260 Grandsire Doubles
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