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Lower Hardres

Lower Hardres, St Mary

Photo: Richard Offen, 2005

  • Single bell hung for full circle ringing but unringable
  • Tenor: 5 cwt approx. in .
  • Grid Ref: TR152531
  • Rung from: Ground Floor
  • Diocese: Canterbury
  • Building Listed Grade: II. Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
1 5 cwt approx.26" 1832 Thomas Mears II


Prior to 1832

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Single bell1723Richard PhelpsNeverRecast 1832


1542 -3 3 bells were purchased from St Mary de Castro, Canterbury for £4. ("Receyved out of the parishioners of Nether Hardres for the cities part of the iij bells to them sold out of the Church of Saynt Mary Castell iiij li") [1]
1723 One of the bells was cast or recast by Richard Phelps.
1758 Record of 1 bell in the tower. [2]
1760 Faussett notes that only one bell remains.
1800 Record of 1 bell. [3]
1831 The old church was pulled down and the present church built with an octagonal spire.
1832 Bell recast by Thomas Mears II and hung for full circle ringing in the new tower in a deal lowside frame.
1887 Stahlschmidt noted that there were formerly 3 bells, of which the 1832 bell is the survivor.
1970 Bell inspected, discovered to have all full ringing fittings including a stay but no slide with the rope heavily drawn. The bell was in a deal lowside frame.
[1] The union of St. Mary Castle with St. Mildred took place the 19th of Sept. 1654. The desecration of its church was about 1542, as in the city accounts of that year the Corporation have credit for four pounds received of the parishioners of Nether Hardres, for the city’s part of three bells to them sold out of the church of St. Mary Castle. The church of St. Mary de Castro stood on the S. W. side of the chapel burial ground in Castle-Street, near to the back of the house of Mr Turner, as appears by part its old foundation, oftentimes met with in digging graves thereabouts. (Kentish Gazette (Friday 4 July 1800))
[2] "This Church, wch. is very small, consists of the Chancell, South Chancell, Great & South Isle. In the Steeple, which is a very small, low, wooden one, at ye W. End hangs 1 Small Bell, thus Inscribed: R.P. Fecit 1723. Mr Benjamin Foreman, Church Warden." (Rev’d Bryan Faussett, 1758)
[3] The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, seems antient. It is but small and dark, consisting of two isles and two chancels, having a low pointed steeple at the west end, in which hangs only one bell. ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent. Vol 9', Edward Hasted)


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