Blackheath, All Saints

  • 1 bell hung for full circle ringing but unringable and bell hung for swing chiming with lever
  • Tenor: 10-3-21 in A.
  • Grid Ref: TQ395763
  • Frame: 1879 John Taylor & Co., made of timber
  • Denomination: Church of England
    Diocese (Anglican): Southwark

    Sound clip of the single bell.(Dickon R Love, 13 Jun 2004)
    Sound clip of the sanctus bell.(Dickon R Love, 13 Jun 2004)

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Canons Retuned
® Single bell 10-3-2138" A 1879 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
҂ Sanctus ½ cwt approx.13½" A♯ 1858 John Warner & Sons Never

®  - Hung for full circle ringing
҂  - Hung for swing chiming



1857 -67 Church built by Benjamin Ferrey, architect.
1859 Parish created from St Mary the Virgin, Lewisham.
1879 An 11cwt bell was cast by John Taylor and Sons and hung in its own timber frame on a timber frame foundation for more bells. It was hung complete with ringing fittings. It was dispatched on 19th November. [1]
1887 Stahlschmidt records two bells (including a priest's bell) by Warner & Sons, one of them dated 1858 with the larger "presumably from the same foundry and later in date". He was wrong in this respect as the larger bell was by John Taylor.
c 1904 Taylor catalogue lists "Blackheath, All Saints - 1 bell, 11cwt"
[1] Blackheath, All Saints, Kent: Bell 38" 10-3-21, with frame and fittings. Forwarded 19 Nov. 1879 (Taylor Records)


The small Warner sanctus bell.
Photo: Dickon Love, 13 Jun 2004

The larger Taylor bell in its own frame with all its fittings.
Photo: Dickon Love, 13 Jun 2004

The wheel was in remarkably good condition…
Photo: Dickon Love, 13 Jun 2004

... but the headstock had lots of deep cracks in it where the stay is bolted on to it.
Photo: Dickon Love, 13 Jun 2004
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