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Bexleyheath, Christchurch


  • Single bell hung for full circle ringing but unringable and 2 bells hung dead
  • Tenor: 6¾ cwt approx. in D♭.
  • Grid Ref: TQ488753
  • Frame: 1887 and 1889 John Warner & Sons
  • Diocese: Rochester
  • Building Listed Grade: II. Click for Heritage details.

  • The ringing bell.(Dickon R Love, 14 Aug 2004)
    Bell 1(Dickon R Love, 14 Aug 2004)
    Bell 2(Dickon R Love, 14 Aug 2004)

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
Bell 2 6¾ cwt approx.33" D♭ 1889 John Warner & Sons Never
Bell 1 5 cwt approx.29" D 1887 John Warner & Sons Never
Ringing Bell 4½ cwt approx.27" E 1889 John Warner & Sons Never



1836 Bell cast by Thomas Mears.
1841 Brick church with a tall spire completed by Robert Palmar Browne.
1866 Parish created from that of St Mary, Bexley.
1877 The church was rebuilt by William Knight, although the substantial tower and spire were never completed.
1887 Bell recast and hung for ringing under the roof over the crossing.
1889 Two more bells cast and hung dead with the existing bell. It is likely that the ringable bell was never rung again from this time as there is no separate hole in the stone vault. All 3 are chimed from an Ellacombe rack with space for 8 ropes. The result is a minor 3.

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