Acol, St Mildred

  • Single bell
  • Tenor: 1½ cwt approx
  • Grid Ref: TR305668
  • Denomination: Church of England
    Diocese (Anglican): Canterbury
    Archdeaconry (Anglican): Canterbury

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Canons Retuned
1 2¼ cwt approx.20" 1875 John Warner & Sons



c 1150 12th Cent Church built at Wode or Woodchurch (All Saints in Thanet).
c 1350 The entire population having died in the Black Death, the village and church were pulled down. A residual population sprang up at Acol, which was then part of the parish of Monkton, subsequently of Birchington.
1875 The present church, a daughter church to Birchington, was built by C.N. Beazley on a site given by Mrs. Charlotte Rogers who once resided at Minster but at that time residing in Nice. A single bell was provided.
1876 The new church was opened by the Bishop of Dover.
1887 Stahlschmidt recorded a small mission or school church with presumably one modern bell.

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