Ham, St George

Photo: Robin Webster (Creative Commons Licence)

  • Formerly single bell, 1-0-4
  • Formerly single bell, 1-0-4, transferred to St Nicholas, Buckland Valley
  • Grid Ref: TR326547
  • Vested in the Churches Conservation Trust
  • Building Listed Grade: II* Click for Heritage details.

Prior to 1974

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Single bell1-0-411⅛"1701Richard PhelpsNeverTransferred to St Nicholas, Buckland Valley, Dover


1701 Bell cast with only the inscription "1701". The founder had been thought to be Newton & Hadley, but upon inspection by Rev David Cawley, his opinion on the lettering suggests that it is actually by Richard Phelps of Whitechapel.
1759 Record of 1 small bell in the tower. [1]
1800 Record of a single bell in the tower. [2]
1973 The church was declared redundant on 20 Feb.
1974 Bell removed by Alan Berry for the KCACR.
1977 The bell was offered to St Nicholas, Buckland Valley near Dover for £5 (!) on condition that it be properly refitted. It was therefore rehung for chiming by Whitechapel at a cost of £184. It was dedicated by The Revd David Cawley on 1st Nov.
1979 Declaration of redundancy scheme dated 14 Nov.
[1] This Church is very small, consisting only of the Chancell and the Body. At ye West End is a small and low shingled Steeple, in which hangs 1 small Bell, without Inscription. (Rev’d Bryan Faussett, 1759)
[2] The church, which is dedicated to St. George, is but a small mean building. It consists of a nave and chancel, having a small wooden pointed turret at the west end, in which is one bell. (The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 10, Edward Hasted)

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