Hawkhurst, All Saints

  • Formerly ring of 3 tenor 6-1-23
  • Formerly ring of 3, tenor 6-1-23. Bells transferred to Wittersham, Eastry and Limerick.
  • Grid Ref: TQ762305
  • Rung from: Don't know / not applicable
  • Denomination: Church of England
    Diocese (Anglican): Rochester

Prior to removal in 1997

Bell Weight
(most recent)

(After tuning after transfer)
Treble5-2-55-2-1229"D♯1861George Mears & Co.NeverTransferred to Wittersham as 2 (of 8)
2nd6-1-16-1-031⁷⁄₁₆"C1861George Mears & Co.NeverTransferred to St John's RC, Limerick as 2 (of 4)
Tenor6-1-2333¼"B1861George Mears & Co.NeverWent to Eastry by mistake


1861 3 bells cast by George Mears & Co at a total cost of £200.7s.11d. Tenor weighed as 6-1-23.
1990 5th Oct Church declared redundant.
1997 Bells removed and put into storage. The treble went to Wittersham to augment their ring to 8. The tenor went to Eastry, although a mistake was made and at the time this was believed to be the 2nd.
1999 What was thought to be the tenor (but was the 2nd) was donated to Waltham to be broken up and the metal used for casting their additional bells. The church elected to sell it to the Kelteck Trust.
2002 The Keltek bell was on offer to All Saints, Normanton, W Yorks to augment their bells. This was abandoned and was offered to St John's RC Cathedral, Limerick (tuned at Whitechapel) as the 2nd of a chime of 4 (reweighed at 6-1-0, tuned to 5-3-3).
2005 The fact that Eastry was actually in possession of the tenor was discovered when the tuning figures were measured. Kelteck (and therefore Limerick) had received the 2nd by mistake. The tenor was found to be unsuitable for Eastry!

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