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Canterbury, St Paul

Photo: Richard Offen, 2007

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
3 6-2-732" 1987 Whitechapel Bell Foundry
2 4-1-828¾" 1661 Thomas Palmar I
1 3-1-1126⅛" 1661 Thomas Palmar I


Former bells.

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Tenor31⅞"1902Samuel B. GoslinNever


c 1420 Tenor cast.
1552 Record of 3 bells plus a clock bell.
1661 Bells 1 and 2 recast by Thomas Palmar I.
c 1850 Tower largely rebuilt with the frame and bells reinstated.
1887 Stahlschmidt records 3 bells only.
1902 Tenor recast with facsimile inscription and the bells rehung by Samuel Goslin. The ropes had huge fat sallies.
1987 Tenor again recast with facsimile inscription, the trebles were tuned and all were refitted for swing chiming (levers) by Whitechapel and rehung by the KCACR.

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Elsewhere in the Parish

Canterbury, Christ Church College Chapel
Canterbury, St Augustine's College
2 bells hung for swing chiming with levers

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