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Canterbury, St Martin

Photo: Richard Offen, 2007

  • 3 bells hung for swing chiming with levers
  • Tenor: 6-2-0 in B♭.
  • Grid Ref: TR159578
  • Rung from: Ground Floor
  • Frame: Mid 17th Century
  • Diocese: Canterbury
  • Building Listed Grade: I. Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
Treble 2-1-424¹¹⁄₁₆" D 15th Cent Unknown 1987 Whitechapel
2 4-0-2629⅛" C 1829 Thomas Mears II
Tenor 6-2-033³⁄₁₆" B♭ 1392-1418 Robert Burford, London



1392 -1418 Present Tenor cast.
c 1450 Present Treble cast with an unusual design of 3 ornate and 3 plain canons.
c 1650 Middle bell (re)cast and present frame constructed.
1829 Present Middle Bell recast by Thomas Mears II.
1920 Bells rehung by Samuel Goslin.
1987 Bells tuned, refittedd for swing chiming (with levers) by Whitechapel and rehung by the KCACR.


Another old view.
Photo: David Cawley collection

Postcard from 1866.
Photo: David Cawley collection

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