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Benenden, St George

Photo: Dickon Love, Mar 2014

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
(As supplied)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
Flat 6th 6-0-230½" D♭ 2004 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
Treble 4-3-2425" B♭ 2003 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
2 4-3-1626" A♭ 2003 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
3 5-0-1826.5" G 2003 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
4 4-3-1027½" F 2003 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
5 5-1-2329" E♭ 1971 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough Never
6 5-3-030¾" D 1802 Thomas Mears I, Whitechapel 1971 John Taylor & Co
7 6-2-633" C 1802 Thomas Mears I, Whitechapel 1971 John Taylor & Co
8 7-3-238-1-2434½" B♭ 1882 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough 1971 John Taylor & Co
9 8-0-1136½" A♭ 1819 Thomas Mears II 1971 John Taylor & Co
10 10-1-2311-0-040" G 1923 Alfred Bowell, Ipswich 1971 John Taylor & Co
11 13-2-1943½" F 1719 Richard Phelps, Whitechapel 1971 John Taylor & Co
Tenor 18-0-2448¾" E♭ 1753 Lester & Pack, Whitechapel 1971 John Taylor & Co


The ring of Six provided in 1719

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble (of 6)1719Richard PhelpsNeverRecast 1802
2 (of 6)1719Richard PhelpsNeverRecast 1764
3 (of 6)1719Richard PhelpsNeverRecast 1819
4 (of 6)1719Richard PhelpsNeverRecast 1923
5 (of 6)1719Richard PhelpsNeverStill there
Tenor (of 6)1719Richard PhelpsNeverRecast 1753

Subsequent recasts

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
2nd (of 6)1764Lester & PackNeverRecast 1882
Treble (of 8)5-3-1529½"1802Thomas Mears INeverRecast 1971


1418 John, Bishop of Sora, was instructed to consecrate 4 bells, hung in a detached timber tower, similar to that at Brookland, though stated to be 132 ft high!
c 1550 Around this time there were 5 bells, tenor 27 cwt.
1678 The tower and bells were completely destroyed, and the church gutted, by a fire caused by a lightning strike. The bell metal was sold to finance the repair.
1718 Present tower built.
1719 New ring of 6 cast by Richard Phelps.
1753 Tenor (of 6) recast by Lester & Pack.
1764 2nd (of 6) recast.
1802 Treble (of 6) recast and 2 trebles added to make 8 by Thomas Mears in a new frame.
1819 5th recast by Thomas Mears.
1882 4th recast by John Taylor.
1923 6th recast and bells rehung by Alfred Bowell on girder headstocks and tie-rodded the frame. [1]
1924 7th rehung by Alfred Bowell. [2]
1939 Bowell invoiced for further work and the supply of handbells. [3]
1971 Treble recast, bells retuned and rehung in a new frame by John Taylor. Bells rededicated on 1 May.
1994 Sound control installed
2003 The addition of 4 Taylor trebles by Hayward Mills Associates augments the ring to 12. The try out took place on 20th Nov. and the dedication on 21st Dec. The new 12 were first rung on 10th November and dedicated on 21st December.
2004 A flat 6th was donated in memory of Mrs Irene Hopwood Smith. It was cast by John Taylor & Co.
2005 Local ringers lowered the existing 6th and its framework enough to allow new framework for the flat 6th to be installed. The new bell was hung by Haywood Mills Associates.
[1] 1923 14th Nov. To recasting the 6th bell and rehanging the peal of eight bells £20. Paid cq. on a/c £160 23rd Nov. 1923. £40 cq. 5th Jan. 1924. (Bowell records, 1923)
[2] 1924 19th May: To lowering the 7th bell into position and refixing the clapper in same. Three mens' time & expenses £2. Paid cq. 6th June 1932. (Bowell records)
[3] 1939 31st May: To repairs to 12 handbells £2-17-6. Paid cq. 7th June 1939. (Bowell records)

The Belfry

The 4th.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2003

Tenor in the foreground.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2003

The four new trebles (treble at the back counting down to the 4th at the front).
Photo: Dickon Love, 2003

Rod Lebon (Tower Captain and inspiration behind the augmentation) standing beside the 4th.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2003

Bells 5, 6 and 7 along the east wall
Photo: Dickon Love, 2003

South west corner of the belfry.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2003

Wider view of the belfry.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2014

Wider view of the belfry.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2014

The Ringing Room

The ringing room is next to the west window…
Photo: Dickon Love, 2014

... and has a gallery overlooking the church.
Photo: Dickon Love, 2014
Recent Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
2017-08-285088 Swindon Surprise Maximus
2016-10-085040 Doubles (1v/6m)
2015-12-135040 Doubles (1p/3m/4v)
2014-03-295152 Superlative Surprise Major
2014-03-095080 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
2014-01-185042 Spliced Surprise Maximus (5 Methods)
2013-06-085040 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
2012-09-085040 Stedman Triples
2011-07-165136 Bristol Surprise Maximus
2011-05-275042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
2011-01-195056 Cambridge Surprise Major
2010-11-135090 Bristol Surprise Maximus
2010-01-235007 Stedman Cinques
2009-08-215042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
2009-05-295042 Superlative Surprise Maximus
2009-05-245019 Stedman Cinques
2009-02-075001 Stedman Caters
2008-11-275040 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
2008-09-205040 Swindon Surprise Maximus
2008-06-075001 Stedman Caters
2008-05-035088 Johannesburg Surprise Major
2008-04-055056 Gainsborough Surprise Major
2008-03-015088 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
2008-02-235152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
2007-11-205000 Oakham Surprise Royal
Recent Quarter Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
2018-02-161251 Stedman Cinques
2018-01-201282 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
2018-01-131263 Stedman Triples
2017-11-171311 Stedman Cinques
2017-10-201259 Grandsire Caters
2017-09-011311 Stedman Cinques
2017-08-181280 London No.3 Surprise Royal
2017-08-041260 Grandsire Doubles
2017-07-081287 Grandsire Triples
2017-06-161306 Stedman Cinques
2017-06-021263 Stedman Caters
2017-05-191320 Julie Mcdonnell Little Alliance Maximus
2017-05-121260 Grandsire Doubles
2017-04-211260 Oxford Bob Triples
2017-02-171259 Erin Cinques
2017-01-251250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
2017-01-201251 Stedman Cinques
2017-01-061312 Grandpont Surprise Major
2016-12-201253 Grandsire Cinques
2016-11-181346 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
2016-09-301259 Grandsire Caters
2016-09-141260 Grandsire Triples
2016-07-151259 Erin Cinques
2016-07-011287 Stedman Caters
2016-06-241280 Strike Back Little Bob Caters
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Elsewhere in the Parish

Benenden, School Chapel
Single bell hung dead with a trigger clapper

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