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Loose, All Saints


Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned
Treble 5½ cwt approx30¾" John Harding, London Never
2 7 cwt approx.32½" 1603 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent Never
Tenor 8-3-2136¾" 1952 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel Never


Previous castings of the tenor.

Bell Weight
(most recent)
(Supplied weight)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Tenor1615Joseph HatchNeverRecast 1629
Tenor1629Joseph HatchNeverRecast 1635
Tenor9-0-248-1-6 (930 li)1635Joseph HatchNeverRecast 1886
Tenor8-3-211886Mears & StainbankNeverRecast 1952


c 1550 Present trebles cast.
1603 Present 2nd cast.
1615 Tenor recast by Joseph Hatch.
1629 Tenor again recast by Joseph Hatch.
1635 Tenor recast for the 3rd time by Joseph Hatch. The church registers say it weighed 930li (8-1-6). When Whitechapel received it in 1886 it weighed 9-0-24.
1704 Bells rehung by John Broomfield.
1886 Tenor recast by Mears & Stainbank.
1952 The cracked tenor was recast (or replaced) by Mears & Stainbank who also rehung the other bells.


Recent Quarter Peals
The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
1986-03-081260 Singles (2m)
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