Belmont House

Belmont House, Coach House Clock Tower

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Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Canons Retuned
1 1800-1826 James Wells, Aldbourne Never
2 1787 Unknown Never
3 1820 Unknown (possibly James Wells) Never

 - Hung dead



1769 Building on Belmont House began, designed by the architect Samuel Wyatt.
1787 The middle bell was cast, founder unknown.
1789 The current house was built on the original house by Colonel John Montresor of the Royal Engineers, finished in 1793. It was described as "a marvellous example of Georgian architecture that has remained completely unspoilt". The same John Montresor gave the six bells to Throwley Parish Church in 1780. [1]
1792 Clock installed by John Leroux.
1801 The house was bought by General George Harris, for £9,000. His descendants continued to live at Belmont, the clock collection being assembled by the 5th Lord Harris.The house is now held in trust established by Lord Harris.
1820 The largest bell was cast, founder unknown. However the smallest bell was cast in the period 1800-1826 by James Wells of Aldbourne, so it is possible that he cast both (as the smallest bell is undated). There are no other known James Wells bells known in Kent.
2001 Lord Harris provided details of the bells to Jim Phillips, which are reproduced here. During his inspection, he noted two other holes for redundant hammer lines, so the bell arrangement may well have been modified at some time after the clock had been installed.
[1] ("The Hidden Places of England", Peter Long (2004))

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