Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral, Central Tower

  • Single bell hung dead with electric solenoid hammer
  • Tenor: 8 cwt approx. in B♭.
  • Grid Ref: TR151579
  • Frame: 1975 Cathedral Works Dept
  • Denomination: Church of England
    Diocese (Anglican): Canterbury
    Archdeaconry (Anglican): Canterbury
  • Building Listed Grade: I Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date Founder Canons Retuned
Bell Harry 8 cwt approx.36¼" B♭ 1635 Joseph Hatch, Ulcombe, Kent Never

 - Hung dead


Prior Henry's original bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
1c. 1320UnknownReplaced 1408
2c. 1320UnknownReplaced 1408
325-1-22 totalc. 1320UnknownReplaced 1408
411-0-241316UnknownReplaced 1408
512-0-101316UnknownReplaced 1408
614-2-41316UnknownReplaced 1408

1408 Set of five bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
11408UnknownTransferred to Arundel Tower in 1433
21408UnknownTransferred to Arundel Tower in 1433
31408UnknownTransferred to Arundel Tower in 1433
41408UnknownTransferred to Arundel Tower in 1433
564 cwt approx.1408UnknownTransferred to Arundel Tower in 1433


1316 Prior Henry placed 3 bells in Angel Steeple. Shortly after, 3 more bells were added to Angel Steeple.
1408 Chillenden/Arundel replaced the bells in the Angel Steeple with a heavier five.
1409 Angel Steeple bells were dedicated.
1433 Angel Steeple bells were removed to North West Tower, replacing the existing bells which were themselves moved to the Oxford Tower.
1500 Bell Harry Tower was completed and the 1288 Bell Harry installed on the top.
1557 Sanctus Bell installed, probably in Bell Harry Tower.
1585 Sanctus Bell removed and given to Eastbridge Hospital.
1726 Bell Harry replaced by a second-hand 1635 Joseph Hatch bell from the dismantled ring of six in the Arundel Tower.
1959 Bell Harry was given an electronically operated hammer.
1975 Bell Harry was rehung in new steel frame.
1981 Bell Harry was rehung dead on the top of the tower.


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