The Rings of Twelve

There are just 3 rings of twelve in Kent, plus a privately owned mini ring.
Order Year of creation Tower Tenor when created Tenor now Comments
1. 1818QUEX PARK, Waterloo TowerNo14¾ cwt approx.Canons removed in 1981 to 14¾ cwt approx.

2. 1923CANTERBURY, Cathedral & Metropolitical Church of ChristNo34-3-4Recast to 32-0-6 in 1951, then 34-3-4 in 1981

3. 2000ST MARY PLATT, Piltdown House CampanileNo22lbs 7ozA private mini ring at Piltdown House.

4. 2003BENENDEN, St GeorgeNo18-0-24