The Rings of Ten

There are 13 rings of 10 in the county. In addition, there is a ring of ten in Canterbury Cathedral, tenor 15-0-8, formed in 1981, which includes bells which are not part of the main ring of twelve. This is known as the "Llanfranc Ten". Of the list below, St Leonard Hythe has the distinction of having been augmented to ten (in 1861) and reduced to eight 30 years later. The bells were augmented again in 1992.
Order Year of creation Tower Tenor when created Tenor now Comments
1. 1734GREENWICH, St Alfege25 cwt approx.23-2-14

2. 1751LEEDS, St Nicholas17½ cwt approx.17½ cwt approx.

3. 1784MAIDSTONE, All Saints28-2-1332-0-20

4. 1802CANTERBURY, Cathedral & Metropolitical Church of Christ28-1-034-3-4Augmented to 12 in 1923

5. 1861HYTHE, St Leonard18½ cwt approx.19-3-3Reduced to 8 in 1891 and back to 10 in 1992.

6. 1921ROCHESTER, Christ & the Blessed Virgin Mary30-0-1430-0-14

7. 1924ST LAURENCE IN THANET, St Laurence16-0-614-1-19

8. 1930CUDHAM, Ss Peter & Paul10-0-2110-0-21

9. 1934BECKENHAM, St George14-2-1814-0-2

10. 1970ASHFORD, St Mary the Virgin21-2-2221-2-22

11. 1978ASH NEXT SANDWICH, St Nicholas21-3-021-3-0

12. 1996STAPLEHURST, All Saints19-2-719-2-7

13. 1999WYE, Ss Gregory & Martin19-1-819-1-8